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Please note that this notice only applies to borrowers with FFELP loans (taken out prior to 2010). For borrowers with federal Direct Loans, or private loans, please read the below notices

Trellis Company (Trellis) will become the designated guarantor for Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) student loans currently guaranteed by New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF) effective October 1, 2021.

Please note that this only applies to borrowers with FFELP loans (taken out prior to 2010) – borrowers who currently hold EDvestinU private loans and who have account numbers beginning with C7 will continue to receive service through Granite State.

What does this mean?

If your loans are in good standing and still with your servicer:

There will be no change to your current servicer or lender as a result of this transfer of guarantor. You will continue to direct payments and account questions to your current servicer.

If your loans are with NHHEAF or a collection agency (i.e. due to default, bankruptcy, or a TPD claim):

As a result of the pending transfer, all arrangements previously made with NHHEAF or one of our collection agencies will end. An exception to this is for borrowers who have signed a rehabilitation agreement with NHHEAF and have started making payments under that agreement; those agreements will remain in place and transfer to Trellis. Please note that CARES Act benefits will also transfer.

If you had an automatic payment arrangement with NHHEAF or one of our collection agencies, your arrangement will end as of 08/31/2021. To re-enroll in automatic payments, you will need to contact Trellis once your loans have been transferred.

Loans transferred due to bankruptcy or TPD claim will resume the normal claim process under Trellis pending the outcome of those individual cases.

You may contact us at (800) 525-2577 for any clarification needed regarding this pending transfer.

What can I expect for my next communication?

You will receive a communication from Trellis acknowledging this transfer. For loans with the guarantor or a collection agency, the communication will include how to re-establish payment plans, how to make future payments, and where to direct questions regarding your account.

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F8 Account Number

If your account number begins with F8,

please call Granite State at 1-888-556-0022 or
Edfinancial Services at 1-855-337-6884.

C7 Account Number

If your account number begins with C7,
please call 1-800-719-0708.