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General Loan Calculators

Use these tools to estimate your monthly loan payment and how you can realize the savings from borrower benefits.

Repayment Plan Option Calculators

Use these calculators to estimate how different repayment plans can impact your monthly repayment amount, repayment schedule and interest paid. These calculators are for informational purposes only. Contact GSM&R for details and repayment plan eligibility requirements.

Loan Capitalization Calculator

Some college loans allow borrowers to defer making interest payments on the loan while the student is in school. If a borrower defers paying the interest on a loan, the interest capitalizes, which means it is added to the principal of the loan. When this happens, the added cost for interest will increase the size of the loan's principal, and thus, the amount of overall interest paid. The goal of this calculator is to help students and families understand the financial ramifications of capitalizing the interest on a student loan.



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